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Chapter 6

The show must go on... Peru

Round 2 in Rio didn't disappoint..
The land of the booty certainly did a number on me.. Once again..
This time round Mr Bellinger's presence was required at the infamous favela party.. Where the booty's only get bigger and the bass only gets louder.
It was a crazy night.
The show then went onto Peru where the Inca trail awaited..
4230m above sea level..
Day 1 covered about 15km of hardcore terrain with most people having an early night...
I somehow found myself sharing a bottle of rum with 2 Aussie girls and paid for it the next day with another intense vertical climb.
Back in Cuzco for 2 nights an bypassed the recovery to catch up With some acquaintances I've met along the way ;)
1 month til home..

Live with no regrets.
Peace x

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Chapter 5

The return to Rio?..

Florianopalis certainly did a number on me.
A week of electric vibes.
It's amazing how close you can get to someone in a short time when you're traveling..

Was hard to leave but my presence is required in other locations...

After missing the last bus of the night to Paraty by minutes we managed to chase it down in a crazy taxi going 150km/hr and cut it off at the first stop. Paraty provided limited rowdy antics but the rehab was definitely required. 

The island of Ilha Grande called my name next and just made the decision to board the bus for Rio round 2..
A little unfinished business remains in Copacabana from my my original antics then I'm off to Peru to fight jaguars and wrestle snakes in the amazon with a few little friends I've met along the way..
Hopefully Mr Bellinger gets out alive.. 


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Chapter 4

A-list in Florianopalis..

Why hello.
I'm still alive.. Just..
Carnival week has ended and the crazy antics have subsided... Not.
After an 18 hour overnight bus trip to Florianopalis Mr Bellinger has arrived.
Was looking forward to a detox!
One 3 day bender later and I'm strapping myself in for the world renowned pool party at P-12.
Planning on residing in Florianopalis for about a week and slowly making my way back up the coast line of Brazil and heading back to Rio to catch a flight to Peru.
Hoping the funds hold up at the exclusive A-list events or I'll be hitch hiking my way back to Rio!
My Portugese is coming along well and the tan resembles that of Michael Jordan so I have been repeatedly mistaken for a Brazilian local.
Have been managing to sneak in a few cheeky runs, training circuits and other various activities to keep the rig in shape.
I'm off to have a few caprihinas with Snoop Dogg at P-12.
Peace x

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Chapter 3

Riot in Rio

sunny 50 °C

Rio De Janeiro.
After leaving the party city of Buenos Aires 3 days ago the rowdy banter has continued through to Rio De Janeiro.
The beaches are packed. Bikinis, G-strings, tanned rigs (mine included).
Had some of the finer moments in life yesterday jumping on a party boat for an exlusive list of 80 rowdy patrons which sailed along the coastline of Rio with a DJ providing some banging beats.
Pure bliss.
Currently on day 3 of Carnival festivities and the city is thriving.
Street parties all day and night as well as parades and generally loose behavour all day long.
Have had a different costume each day and have aced Tarzan, superman and a cross dresser so far.
Throw some ideas at me for a costume for Day 4!
Rio is a little more expensive but the funds are holding strong.
And as for the million dollar question... WHich country has the more attractive patrons.. Argentina or Brazil?...
I think the Brazilians are slowly taking the upper hand.

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Chapter 2

Big bang in Buenos Aires.. Who needs sleep?..

Mr Bellinger reporting for duty in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
What a wild week it has been!
I haven´t slept in 6 days.
After a looonng flight from Sydney I arrived on the red carpet to a standing ovation at Ezeiza airport on the outskirts of Buenos Aires and traveled by bus and taxi to my Argentinian home for my first week with Jimena, a local who has a great apartment in BA.
I have fallen in love with this city, including the local senorita´s who have kept me intrigued.
The city has an amazing social agenda which I have been heavily involved in over the last week! Things kicked off with a great house party on Saturday night with J´s crew including the likes of Sinchu, Maria, Agus, Lele, Romina and may more notables!
Have also seen many sights of BA including Palcio del Congresso, Manzana de las Lucas and Casa de la Cultura!
I have also entertained the crowd and caused numerous car accidents with a shirtless run or two through the streets of Buenos AIres.
After having a great time at J´s crib I moved onto a hostel today and have met many interesting individuals who have made a huge impact and I feel my time here is only heating up.
On a side note, the women here are keeping me on my toes and I´m loving every minute of this experience.
This is the time of my life.
I have a street party to attend so I´m out.

Peace x

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